20 points for Yakovenko in Krasnodar

20 points for Yakovenko in Krasnodar Russian center was the top scorer of his team in VTB United League game.

Another game of VTB United League had seemed to be difficult for both Lokomotiv-Kuban and BC Nizhny Novgorod. Every team had winning streaks and was not going to break it. Indeed, the game was a pleasure to watch and kept the intrigue till the buzzer.

Artem Yakovenko made starting five and played his best match since returning to BC NN. He scored 8 points in the first quarter and hit the accurate 3-pointer in the end of the second quarter to give his team 38-32 advantage. Next 10 minutes were Lokomotiv’s game even if Yakovenko made another perfect long-distance attempt. And in the last quarter Krasnodar team was slightly better then Nizhny claiming tough victory 75-74.

Yakovenko showed his scoring abilities with 20 points (free throws – 100%, field goals – 55%) in less than 27 minutes. He was the top scorer of his team.

Players:  Yakovenko

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